November 02, 2019

Aiea High School


The following are important notices from Aiea High School. They pertain to Anti-Bullying, Traffic Safety around Aiea, Parent Newsletter, Dress Code Enforced by Faculty and Staff, and Infinite Campus Help Site.

November 02, 2019 12:58 AM

October 31, 2019

Mililani Middle School

2020 Mililani High Afterschool PE Program for Outgoing B/R/G8 Students

Download Registration Info and Form Here

BLUE, RED and GREEN Track Students
Mililani Middle School students who are currently in 8th grade on Blue, Red and Green tracks will have the opportunity to earn high school credit for Physical Education Lifetime Fitness (0.5 credit) at Mililani Middle School and Physical Education Lifetime Activities (0.5 credit) at Mililani High School.

Registration:       Processed by Mililani Middle School

Registration Window: 
Opens December 9 at 7:30 am  (first come, first served)
Closes December 13 at 4:00 pm

Registration Process:
• In-person at Mililani Middle
• Registration forms will be available at the Mililani Middle School Administration Office and online at our school website on Friday, November 1.
• Registration will not be complete until payment is received (check or money order only)

The Semester 1 course will be held after school from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm at Mililani Middle School.  Session choice will be first come, first served.  Students will be required to attend the after school PE sessions during respective track intersession.
The Semester 2 course will be taken at Mililani High School. 

Semester 1/Session 1A - Lifetime Fitness - at Mililani Middle:
February 18, 2020 – April 3, 2020
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Semester 1/Session 1B - Lifetime Fitness - at Mililani Middle:                  
April 8, 2020 – May 22, 2020    
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Registration will take place in February at MHS 
Semester 2 - Lifetime Activities - at Mililani High:                        
June 23, 2019 – July 9, 2019                       
8:00 am – 1:15 pm

YELLOW Track Students
Mililani Middle School students who are currently in 8th grade on Yellow track will have the opportunity to earn high school credit for both Physical Education Lifetime Fitness (0.5 credit) and Physical Education Lifetime Activities (0.5 credit) at Mililani High School.

Registration:        Processed by Mililani High School

Registration Begins:  February 1, 2020
Registration Process:
• Online registration (MHS website - Summer School) or
• In-person - Registration forms available at the Mililani High School Administration Office
• Registration will not be complete until payment is received (check or money order only) 

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October 22, 2019

Kahuku High and Intermediate School

October 2019 Newsletter calendar of events for Kahuku Public and School Library

October 22, 2019 12:45 PM

November 2019 Newsletter calendar of events for Kahuku Public and School Library

October 22, 2019 12:45 PM

October 21, 2019

Le Jardin Academy News

Director of Advancement Courtney Chow

We are pleased to announce and welcome Courtney Chow, our new Director of Advancement. Courtney has a B.A. in Biological Anthropology from the University of California at San Diego and minors in Biology and Dance. Courtney is currently employed at Honolulu Biennial Foundation (HBF) as Operations Director. Prior to HBF, she was employed at the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum for 11 years where she rose to Vice President for Institutional Advancement.

Courtney is an experienced nonprofit fundraising executive with expertise in organizational and project management, budget management, capital campaigns, strategic planning, board management, organizational change, grant-writing, program development, special events, communications, marketing, and public and donor relations. Courtney has an open door policy and is eager to meet our community - please stop by and say Aloha!

October 21, 2019 08:25 AM

October 18, 2019

Kahuku High and Intermediate School

KHIS Head Coach Vacancy-Girls Tennis

October 18, 2019 09:01 PM

October 17, 2019

Voyager Public Charter School

Governing Board Meeting Rescheduled to October 24th

Voyager’s Local Governing Board meeting has been rescheduled to Thursday, October 24th at 5:00pm.

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October 10, 2019

Island Pacific Academy

Collaboration Makes Math Fun

Math is even more fun with friends! ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY’s elementary and middle school students spent this afternoon, Thursday October 10, participating in various problem-solving activities in the “Math Collaborative Activity” event. Groups of students from Grades 4-7 worked together solving fun and challenging math problems from different topics like Cryptology, Discovering Pi, Beauty and the Golden Ratio, and Real Life Set Problems. Students rotated with their groups to the different activities over the course of the two-hour event.

This annual event is organized by teachers from both divisions with the goal of easing the transition for students between Elementary and Secondary. “We wanted to build a relationship between Secondary and Elementary to make sure there was a flow in the math curriculum in terms of the scope and sequence,” explains Jorge Ochoa, Secondary math teacher and one of the organizers. “We thought the best way to do that was to start working together, and we realized that creating a math collaborative activity between these four grade levels would be a great way to do that.”

The event also involves students from the Upper school, with juniors and seniors from Mu Alpha Theta, the math honor society, teaching and leading the younger students in the activities. Ryan Fitzgerald ’21 and Kate Wilhelm ’20 led the Transformations session for the afternoon. “The last session we did was called Transformation Golf, where we taught the students how to do transformations and they got to use them to play golf on their iPads. And they seemed to have a lot of fun with it,” shares Fitzgerald.

“I want these kids to learn that math can be fun,” explains Wilhelm. “Sometimes we get caught up thinking math is so boring, or hard or difficult, but it doesn’t have to be and if you have the right teacher and tools it can be super fun.”

Getting students excited about math was definitely one of the goals of the event. “We designed the activities the way we did because we wanted the students to be excited about math and to know that math is part of the world they live in,” said Ochoa. “These activities are different ways for them to see math in action.”

Senior David Pavlicek ’20 agrees. “The most exciting thing is that some of the students are really excited to be doing these activities, which is good to see that there is an enthusiasm for learning about math.”

One of the activities, Real Life Set Problems, dealt with Venn diagrams and was illustrative of math in the real world. Students learned what the terms union and intersection and complement mean by using hula hoops to group students into sets, for example students with brothers, students with sisters, students with both, or students with neither.

“Basically what the activity demonstrated is that there are ways people are similar and there are ways they are different,” Ochoa explained. “And that’s how we build relationships with people – we make connections with others by learning what we have in common and how we’re different. That’s basically a Venn diagram.”

The students will get together for another afternoon of collaborative math activities in the Spring when they celebrate Pi Day.


Students collaborate on a math problem.

Students collaborate on a math problem.

Students collaborate on a math problem.

Students collaborate on a math problem.

Students collaborate on a math problem.

Students collaborate on a math problem.

Students collaborate on a math problem.

Students collaborate on a math problem.



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September 30, 2019

Voyager Public Charter School

October Lunch Menu

October 2019 Menu

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Le Jardin Academy News

LJA Hosts Global Citizen Diploma Consortium

LJA is hosting the Global Citizen Diploma (GCD) Consortium on Oct. 3 and 4. Delegates from around the world will meet with our school leaders to further develop a shared vision of global citizenship and the role each school can play in advancing the values of sustained community engagement, global understanding, and effective intercultural communication. School leaders from Nanjing International School, Hong Kong Academy, American School of Bombay, NIST International School, and Yokohama International School will be in attendance. Please join us in welcoming them to our campus.

September 30, 2019 07:50 AM

The Board Welcomes Jennifer Meehan

We are pleased to announce that Jennifer Meehan was recently elected to the LJA Board of Trustees. Jennifer brings over two decades of international development experience - including alleviating poverty and ending modern slavery - across Asia and parts of Africa. She has also served on numerous nonprofit and social enterprise Boards.

September 30, 2019 07:50 AM

September 28, 2019

Radford High School

Take a Veteran to School Day

Aloha Faculty, Staff and Students. SAVE THE DATE! Friday, November 8, Radford High School will be hosting our Inaugural Veteran's Day Assembly to honor Veterans in the local area. We are inviting you to Take a Veteran to School! If you know a Veteran (Mom, Dad, Aunty, Uncle, etc) invite them to attend the assembly on Friday, 8 November from 9:30 to 10:30 AM in the gym. You MUST R.S.V.P. your veteran on the Radford High school website, Scroll down on the home page and click on "Take a Veteran to school day" headline. Next, click on "Register my Veteran" and fill out the registration form. Be prepared to upload a photo of your veteran (in or out of uniform is fine). The first 75 veterans to be registered will be invited to the assembly. Don't miss this opportunity to show your veteran how much you appreciate what they have done for our great country! Don't wait, register your veteran today! GO RAMS!! (Email with questions.) Have a veteran in your life who cannot attend? Email a photo of your veteran to with your name, Veteran's name and branch of service, years they served and where and we will include them in our slide show.

September 28, 2019 03:07 AM

September 26, 2019

Island Pacific Academy

Navigator Credit Union Opens for the New School Year

We had a very successful Navigator Credit Union opening today for our 2019-2020 school year! We have added new branch positions and defined original ones for the Grade 4 students (Branch Specialist, Greeter, Marketing Specialist, Service Specialist) with corresponding lanyards created by HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union staff and sporting our new Navigator Credit Union logo for this year.

IPAPA officer and parent, Marised Gillette (Paul ’28, JR ’17), graciously recreated the winning Grade 5 No Bake Challenge PBL recipe, and it was the featured menu item sold along with our regular libations of hot cocoa and coffee. Debbie Yoshino, Computer Science teacher, opened the Finance Club to Grade 9 students this year and they are taking the reins in mentoring the new Grade 6 students on Navigator Café processes and customer service.

In addition to the non-stop bank transactions, the café line was out the door and down the hall until we cut the students off at the usual 7:55 AM pre-class time. The Grade 4 students were able to open three new accounts for two 4th graders and one Kindergartener, and completed deposits. As it is every week, we had two staff members from HawaiiUSA FCU on hand to provide support, and they have been instrumental to our on-going process and just tremendous partners. The HawaiiUSA FCU staff came to IPA last week to hold training workshops with our Grade 4 students in bank transactions and customer service skills. In addition to all of the student learning, what is great about our “coffee shop” model is that it allows for parents to engage with their kids because we provide a place for both adults and kids to relax and have a warm beverage and a quick morning bite while doing a little banking together.

Contributed by Katherine Jones, Elementary Sustainability and Innovation Coordinator


Students and parents in the Navigator Credit Union

Grade 4 students, with the assistance of staff from the HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union, help a student open a new account with the Navigator Credit Union.

A student helps a parent open a new bank account at the Navigator Credit Union

A Grade 4 student helps a new customer open an account at the Navigator Credit Union.

Student making hot cocoa in the Navigator Credit Union cafe

A Grade 6 student prepares the hot cocoa at the Navigator Café.

Students working at the Navigator Credit Union cafe

Grades 6 and 9 students help run the Navigator Café in the Navigator Credit Union.

Students work as bankers at Navigator Credit Union

Grade 4 students proudly take on their new positions in the Navigator Credit Union.

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Kahala Elementary School

Scholastic Book Fair

Mark your calendars! The Scholastic Book Fair will be held during the week of October 21th -25th in the library Click on the Scholastic Book Fair title -link to find out more about: the hours, volunteering, shopping online, ewallet, and the Book Fair App Look forward to seeing all of you at the Scholastic Book Fair.

September 26, 2019 02:14 PM

Ohana Night

Ohana Night - Friday, September 27th Featuring student entertainment, special presentations from some of our school programs, and our much anticipated Faculty and Staff Bake Sale. Faculty Bake Sale opens at 5:30pm, Dinner served at 5:45pm. Hope to see you there!

September 26, 2019 01:36 PM

September 23, 2019

Voyager Public Charter School

Power Outage: After School Activities Cancelled, Early Dismissal

Dear Parents: Voyager afterschool clubs and Kama’aina Kids have been cancelled due to a power outage. Please pick up your keiki via our usual home line procedure as soon as possible. Thank you!

Mr. Anderson and School Staff

by Evan Anderson at September 23, 2019 08:00 PM

September 18, 2019

Radford High School


If you want your child released early on any day, please send them a short note and let them bring it to the office. They will be given a pass which shall be shown to the teacher at the time they need to leave. Students then will be allowed to sign themselves out and will be ready for Pick Up or Drive Out at the Parking Lot. This will minimize disruption of valuable classroom instruction and reduce incidents resulting to delayed student releases. Mahalo for your cooperation.

September 18, 2019 01:54 PM

September 16, 2019

Le Jardin Academy News

Blood Bank of Hawaii Award

Student leaders of this year's Blood Bank campaign accepted the award for highest percentage of student participation for a school blood drive in the State of Hawaii! This is the second year in a row that LJA received this award! We have two blood drives scheduled this year, the first is on Nov. 14.

September 16, 2019 08:02 AM

September 10, 2019

Radford High School


2019 PSAT/NMSQT will be administered on Oct. 16, 2019. All 9th and 10th grade students will be taking the test at no cost. Any 11th grader interested in taking the test must sign up with either Mrs. Aquino or Mrs. Epenesa in the counseling center. Cost is $17.00, Sign up until Sept 16, 2019. If you have any questions please see Mrs. Aquino in the Counseling Center.

September 10, 2019 02:26 PM

September 09, 2019

Radford High School

PSAT for Juniors

All juniors are invited to register for the upcoming PSAT! Taking the PSAT will help you prepare for the college application process. It may also qualify you for scholarship money for college. PSAT test day will be on Wednesday, October 16 and the registration deadline is Monday, September 16. The cost is $17 or FREE if you have free/reduced lunch. Register today in the Counseling Center! Questions? Stop by the Counseling Center!

September 09, 2019 03:56 PM

AP Exam Payment SY 2019-20

If your child is taking an Advanced Placement course this school year, College Board has changed the deadline for AP Exam payments this school year. All AP payments received on or before October 1, 2019 will receive a 50% discount. Anyone paying after October 1, 2019 will incur the full (100%) exam cost. 2019-20 AP Exam Fee Schedule: Payment on or before October 1, 2019: $47 (per exam), AP Seminar $71 Payment after October 1, 2019: $94 (per exam), AP Seminar $142 If you have any questions concerning payments please contact the Counseling Department at Radford High School.

September 09, 2019 03:56 PM

Le Jardin Academy News

Get Akamai Week

Le Jardin Academy is one of the sponsors of Hawaii News Now's Get Akamai Week. LJA's segment aired on Hawaii News Now yesterday morning and features Grade 1 teacher Kate Beres and Head of School Earl Kim. Click here to watch the video!

September 09, 2019 11:00 AM

Waste Audit

The Green Team is a consortium of students, parents, faculty, and staff dedicated to helping our school become more environmentally friendly. Last spring, the Green Team held LJA's first waste audit. They collected all matters of waste tossed into the school's bins over a 24-hour period, and then pulled out, sorted, cataloged, counted, and weighed every item. With support from the Kokua Hawaii Foundation, we now have a clearer understanding of the types and quantities of waste we produce. For example, in just one day LJA disposed of almost 139 pounds of food scraps, over 50 pounds of plastics, and 35 pounds of HI-5 recyclables. It is our goal to make measurable reductions. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact one of the Green Team's co-coordinators, seniors Aidan Anderson or Aiden Spagnoli.

September 09, 2019 10:59 AM

Congrats Class of 2029 and 2030!

On Sunday, we celebrated the winners of our 2018-19 Annual Fund parent participation challenge - Class of 2029 and 2030. The families enjoyed a pancake breakfast served by our Board of Trustees and Head of School. Mahalo to our parent participation chair Shauna Hirota and committee members!

September 09, 2019 10:59 AM

Don Dymond Scholarship Recipient

Welcoming and casual, the Kalapawai Market and its sister Cafe located in the heart of Kailua town, embody the values and ethos of its founder, Mr. Don Dymond. In his memory, the Dymond family and many generous donors have established the Don Dymond Scholarship Fund at LJA. In honor of Don, his work ethic, and his commitment to mentor young people in the workplace, this $1,000 award is to acknowledge a LJA student's actual good work, both in school and in the workplace. The recipient of this year's Don Dymond Scholarship award is Eva Ramm '20.

September 09, 2019 10:58 AM

September 05, 2019

Mililani Middle School

2019 Federal Survey Cards Coming Home

 The Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE) will be sending a U.S. Department of Education Federal Survey Card home with Hawaii's public school students for parents to complete beginning Thursday, September 5.
The Impact Aid Program surveys allow HIDOE to qualify for a partial reimbursement for educating federally connected students, such as children whose parents work or live on federal property. The program was created to assist school districts that lose tax revenues (e.g. income, sales and property taxes) due to a federal presence. Funds go to local school districts, just like local property taxes, and can be used to hire teachers, purchase textbooks and computers, pay for utilities and more. Parents are strongly urged to complete the surveys and return them to their schools as soon as possible.

Every public school has a 100-percent return rate goal and asks that parents complete and return the federal survey this week. 

Due Dates:
September 18 - Blue/Green/Red Track
October 11 - Yellow Track

Address list for military installations or properties:

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September 04, 2019

Radford High School

Federal Survey Card Information - Electronic Data Collection Pilot for Families

Beginning October 16, 2019, parents/guardians can log into the Infinite Campus Portal and complete the Impact Aid survey. This survey is very important to the school. We appreciate your support in this matter. Click on the heading to read the entire Parent Notification letter.

September 04, 2019 12:01 AM

September 03, 2019

Island Pacific Academy

Elementary Faculty Katherine Jones Honored with Poʻokela Award

ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY is proud to congratulate Katherine Jones, Elementary Sustainability & Innovation Coordinator, who was honored earlier this month with a Poʻokela Award in the “Dance Choreographer/Movement Stage Combat” category for her work in “The Rocky Horror Show” at Manoa Valley Theatre. The Poʻokela Awards, given out by the Hawaiʻi State Theatre Council, recognize excellence in local theatre in 23 theatre arts categories, including directing, performing, design, choreography, and technical theatre. This was Jones’ eighth Poʻokela, with her first award in 2008 also, coincidentally, for “The Rocky Horror Show.”

Jones has years of professional experience in dance and choreography, having choreographed more than 60 musicals with Hawai’i high schools, universities, community theatres, and gala events. She has also had her work showcased at the Disney parks, in commercials in Japan, and in movies and local television. Although her teaching and family take up most of her time, she still makes time for one or two productions a year in community theatre. Her focus now is more on devoting the time she has to projects with non-profits, such as the Performing Arts Center of Kapolei and Camp Anuenue, where she can give back to the community.

Jones’ creativity and experience are invaluable in her position as Elementary’s Sustainability & Innovation Coordinator. She works closely with the grade level teachers, helping to coordinate student activities and efforts for their project-based learning (PBL). She assists students with choreography and costumes for the Grade 5 American Revolution Museum Experience; teaches Grade 3 students on-air presentation skills for their on-camera weather reports; and teaches the Grade 4 students how to prepare for job interviews during their class luau project, which integrates units on Hawaiʻi/Hawaiian Culture and Business/Finance. She also helps the classes with preparations for their Monday Assembly performances. In addition she leads the gardening curriculum for the Elementary division.

This summer, Jones taught the “Creative Art & Musical Theatre Skills” and “Musical Theatre Skills: Sing, Say, Dance, Play and More” classes during IPA’s Experience & Explore Summer Program.

“Teaching the classes here was great! The kids here are so talented and have so much passion,” said Jones. “I’ve always been joyful about teaching musical theatre. I don’t necessarily have to be doing musical theatre myself in order to get joy out of it.”

Students learned about puppetry, mask making, improvisation, music reading, dance, and choreography. Jones explains that through all the fun activities, the students also develop many important skills, such as self-confidence, public speaking, and self-awareness. She also points out studies that show a correlation between the dynamics of dance/music and mathematics/computational thinking.

Jones knows how important it is to expose children to the performing arts from a young age. “That’s something we do very well here at IPA,” she shared. “We have the resources and we recognize the value in it. It’s so important to their overall education because performing arts ultimately goes back to language arts, and our history, and mathematics.”

Congratulations, Katherine!


Elementary students learning dance routine

Experience & Explore students learn a new dance routine in “Creative Art & Musical Theatre Skills” class this summer.


Katherine Jones helps students create paper puppets

Katherine Jones helps her students create their paper puppets for The Very Hungry Caterpillar in the “Musical Theatre Skills: Sing, Say, Dance, Play and More” class this summer.

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August 30, 2019

Voyager Public Charter School

September Lunch Menu

19-20 Sept Menu

by Evan Anderson at August 30, 2019 04:06 PM

Radford High School

Senior Parent Night-Class of 2020

Senior Parent Night for the Class of 2020 will be on Wednesday, August 28, 2019 at 6pm in the Radford High School Cafeteria. There will be lots of important information shared regarding senior year- credits, college/career processes, and information regarding graduation will be shared at this meeting. Representatives will also be there to take Cap and Gown orders. So we hope to see all seniors and their families at the cafe on Wed, Aug 28th @ 6pm.

August 30, 2019 01:26 PM

August 27, 2019

Mililani Waena Elementary School

Localicious Recipe Contest (for grades 4 & 5)

Submit a healthy recipe that includes locally grown ingredients and win a two-night stay at Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa.

August 27, 2019 02:35 PM

Central Theatre Arts Academy Auditions

The Central Theatre Arts Academy, based at Mililani High School, will produce the musical Once on this Island. Auditions are on September 5 & 6 between 3 - 6 PM. Click on this news headline to access the audition sign up.

August 27, 2019 02:33 PM

August 26, 2019

Mililani Waena Elementary School

Latest Family Bulletin

Check out our latest Family Bulletin for Quarter 1!

August 26, 2019 02:25 PM

August 23, 2019

Island Pacific Academy

Navigator Robotics Brings Home the Skills and Community Awards

Nineteen teams from across the state converged at Sacred Hearts Academy for the 2019 East O’ahu VEX Robotics Competition on Saturday, August 17, each hoping to secure a spot at the Hawaiʻi State Championship in January 2020 at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo. ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY’s Navigator Robotics, team #4442X, had a great tournament and brought home both the Skills Award and the Community Award. The Navigators also placed second in the tournament match-play.

In the Skills competition, for which they received the Skills Award, the Navigators accomplished an incredible feat by posting a skills score high enough to currently rank them #1 in the world! They are currently the only team in the world with a skills score higher than 100 points, and their combined driving and programming score of 114 is currently 30 points ahead of the next best tally. The Navigators scored 112 points in the last driving attempt in what could be described as a near-perfect run.

This was also the first time in school history that Navigator Robotics was awarded the Community Award, given for their extraordinary involvement and awareness in the robotics community. Navigator Robotics embraces the IPA idea of “Whenever you can, help!” and regularly reaches out to assist other teams who need help. The team was very proud of their accomplishment, and grateful for the help and support they have received from the robotics community over the years.

Navigator Robotics came into the tournament with a new robot design. Despite prior success with their “tower bot,” the team had to modify their strategies because of repeated problems with their previous design. They qualified with their new robot and finished ranked sixth with a record of 3-3. The Navigators teamed up with Highlands Intermediate (team #394A) for the single elimination match-play rounds, and were able to advance through their quarterfinal and semifinal matches with a few adjustments to their robot. The robot issues proved difficult to overcome, and they came up short in the finals against the Pearl City High School alliance (teams #4142A & 4142B), 70-57.

IPA was well represented at the tournament with several alumni also participating, including Jonah Bobilin ’17 (head judge), Robyn Cabuslay ‘14 (skills referee), and Colton Okimoto ’18 (referee).

Next up for Navigator Robotics is the 2019 Pan Pacific VEX EDR Championship at Waialua High School on November 8- 9, 2019. The Navigators will be vying to secure an automatic spot in the World Championship. In the meantime, ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY will be hosting a Vex VRC Tournament on Saturday, September 28, 2019. The Navigators will not be competing as they will be helping to run this prestigious event.

For more info, visit the links below.

View the World Skills Standings (need to select high school under the “Grade Level” drop down menu):

Info for Pan Pacific VEX EDR Championship:

Info for IPA’s Vex VRC tournament:


Students sitting around competition field at robotics tournament.

Navigator Robotics, with several IPA alumni, get ready to compete.

Winning robotics team poses for photo.

The Navigator Robotics team – Nate Okimoto ’22, David Pavlicek ’20, and Zaheer Gulko ’22 – with IPA alumni, Colton Okimoto ’18 and Jonah Bobilin ’17.

Students standing around competition field at robotics tournament ready to compete.

Navigator Robotics, with their Highlands Intermediate partners, get ready to compete.

Two VEX robotics award trophies.

The Skills and Community Awards.

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August 18, 2019

Kahala Elementary School

Sign Up for REMIND

Stay on top of what’s going on at school. From assignments to activities to closures, Remind makes sure you get the information you need, when you need it, right on your phone. Flyers were sent home on Thursday, August 15, with instructions on how to enroll for your child's grade level REMIND account. For more information, check out the REMIND link in the Parents section of this website.

August 18, 2019 02:18 PM

August 17, 2019

Kahala Elementary School

Kahala Receives Six-Year WASC Accreditation

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) has granted Kahala a Six-Year Accrediation Status through June 2025. The ACS WASC Commissioners have determined that we have met the criteria for accreditation based on all the information provided by the school, including the self-study report, and the satisfactory completion of the on-site accreditation visit that took place last April. Mahalo to the faculty, staff, parents, and community members who participated in this process. We will continue to work diligently to adhere to the criteria for accreditation to remain in compliance and to prepare for the next cycle.

August 17, 2019 08:59 PM

August 15, 2019

Radford High School

Make Up Yearbook/ID Picture Taking is Aug. 20 or 21

Click heading for more information.

August 15, 2019 04:31 PM

Senior Yearbook Information

To be in the Senior section of the yearbook, portraits must be taken, by appointment only, at the Lifetouch Studio by October 5. Visit for information ASAP!

August 15, 2019 04:27 PM

Senior Conferences

Senior Conferences begin on Monday 8/19. If you have a senior and have not signed up for your senior conference please call Melissa at 421-4200 x241 or schedule online by going to

August 15, 2019 04:22 PM

Voyager Public Charter School

Notice of Parent’s Right to Request Teacher Qualifications

Letter of Notification re: Parent’s Rights

by Evan Anderson at August 15, 2019 03:59 PM

Radford High School

Open House is Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Doors open at 5:00 PM. Program starts at 5:30 PM. Come join the PTSA and meet your child's teachers.

August 15, 2019 03:25 PM

August 13, 2019

Kahuku High and Intermediate School

Kahuku vs. Timpview Football Tickets

When: Friday September 6, 2019, 7:00PM Where: Timpview Football Stadium Cost: General Admission $10, Students $5 Ticket Sales: Information Forthcoming

August 13, 2019 09:03 PM

August 12, 2019

Island Pacific Academy

IPA Students’ Murals Brighten Up The Queen’s Medical Center – West O’ahu

Three colorful and inspiring murals painted by ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY students now brighten up the walls of the main stairwell at The Queen’s Medical Center – West Oʻahu. The mural projects were a part of the goal of Queen’s – West Oʻahu to become Blue Zones Project certified, in partnership with The Blue Zones Project – Ewa/Kapolei.

The Blue Zones Project is a national initiative introduced to Hawaiʻi by the Hawaiʻi Medical Service Association (HMSA). The initiative promotes healthy habits by helping people easily incorporate the best practices of the Blue Zones (Okinawa, Nicoya Peninsula, Ikaria, Sardinia, and Loma Linda) in the places they live, work, and play. It includes using the Power 9 – the nine secrets of longevity – to improve quality of health and life, and includes things like moving naturally, eating wisely, connecting with others, and having a sense of purpose. With their certification, Queen’s – West Oʻahu becomes only the second health care facility in the nation to earn the designation of a Blue Zones Project Certified Worksite. ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY is also working towards building a healthy community, with the Grade 5 Student Action Committee helping IPA think of ways we can adopt some of the best practices of the Blues Zones on our campus.

Last year, Queen’s – West Oʻahu invited all IPA students to submit artwork representing what healthy living in West Oʻahu means to them. Three designs were selected, and those three IPA students (Annie Uesugi ’19, Mina Cintron ’20, and Taj Tottori ’26) had the honor of painting their artwork as full-wall murals in the hospital stairwell. The idea behind the murals was to transform the plain, drab stairwell into a colorful and inviting space that would encourage staff and visitors to take the stairs instead of the elevators.

The three murals represent different facets of healthy living. Uesugi’s mural of a doctor expressing a healing touch depicts the importance of connecting with others. “I believe healthy living starts with good emotional connections with people and with trust, especially with health care professionals,” writes Uesugi. “I wanted to show that both doctors and patients have unique souls and ideas that can merge, and help each other thrive and become more than they were separately.”

Cintron’s mural shows a woman collecting fruit from the land and represents the importance of sustainability in healthy living. “My idea of healthy living is having sustainable farms produce healthy fruits and vegetables for the island of Oʻahu,” she shares. “Providing and growing the fruits and vegetables can help the environment and encourage people to make healthy eating choices.”

“The Veggie Run” mural by Tottori is a fun representation of the importance of vegetables in a healthy diet. “All the vegetables are running away because they are going to get eaten since they are so healthy,” Tottori explains. “It’s important to eat healthy foods that are good for your body.”

From November 2018 to March 2019, the students worked on their murals, devoting time on Saturdays and after school. They were assisted by classmates, ceramics teacher Warren Andrade, and Advancement Coordinator Amber Camacho. The final murals were presented to the public in conjunction with the announcement of the The Queen’s Medical Center – West Oʻahu Blue Zones Project certification. The murals, in addition to other projects implemented by Queen’s – West Oʻahu, help to improve the health and well-being of the medical center community by making healthful changes to their environment. ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY is proud to partner with members in our community to help effect positive changes that benefit all.


Three students painting a mural in hospital stairwell

Annie Uesugi ’19 starts painting her sketched design with the help of her classmates.

Student painting a figure in wall mural

Annie Uesugi ’19 works on painting her mural in the stairwell at Queen’s – West O’ahu.

Annie Uesugi and Susan Murray in hospital stairwell in front of mural

Annie Uesugi ’19 shows the progress on her mural to Queen’s – West O’ahu Chief Operating Officer, Susan Murray.

Student stands in front of mural wall showing sketch of design

Taj ’26 stands before his mural sketch of “The Veggie Run” on the ground floor.

Student sitting on the floor painting mural on wall

Mina Cintron ’20 works on the lower half of her mural on the 5th floor of the stairwell.

Students painting a mural in hospital stairwell

Mina Cintron ’20 works on her mural of sustainability with a classmate.

Mural on the wall of hospital stairwell

Annie Uesugi’s completed mural on the 1st floor landing of the stairwell.

Mural on wall of hospital stairwell

Taj’s fun mural on two adjacent walls of the stairwell.

Student stands in front of her completed mural

Mina Cintron stands in front of her finished mural on the 5th floor stairwell landing.


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Kahuku High and Intermediate School

We apologize for the incorrect information about the end time for the Aug. 8 school day. Admin.

August 12, 2019 02:30 PM

August 09, 2019

Mililani Middle School

Annual Notice of Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Statement (07/08/19)

Download a copy of the statement here

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August 07, 2019

Mililani Middle School

HIP Art Club Info

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HIP Art Studio Info

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August 06, 2019

Mililani Middle School

HIP Chorus Begins 9/10

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August 05, 2019

Radford High School

Bell Schedule for August 6 - 9 , 2019

Special schedule for the first week of school.

August 05, 2019 08:37 PM

August 02, 2019

Kahuku High and Intermediate School

Author Visit to discuss Hawaiian Issues and Statehood at Kahuku Library Aug 20 at 5:30pm

August 02, 2019 10:52 PM

August 2019 Newsletter and Calendar for Kahuku Public and School Library

August 02, 2019 10:51 PM

Mililani Middle School

Principal's Coffee Hour for New MMS Parents, 8/7

Principal’s Coffee Hour
“Building a Solid Foundation for MMS Students”

Date: Wednesday, August 7, 2019      Time: 8:45-9:45 a.m.     Place:  Cafeteria

I. Introductions: Ms. Chung
A.     MMS Vision:  Making Connections…
B.     MMS Mission:  Develop life-long learners who respect themselves and others, value excellence, and positively contribute to our world.
C.     MMS Helpful Staff Info 

II. School Improvement/Operations
A.     Infinite Campus Information: Connecting to your child’s academic progress
VP Nakasone
B.     Curriculum: English Language Arts/Social Studies
Lynn Yoshioka
C.     Curriculum: Math & Science
Kristen Kato
D.    Special Education
                              Hannah Chapman
E.     English Learner (EL)
               Zachary Wood
F.     High Interest Program
                           VP Horstman
G.     Advisory Curriculum Overview

III.  Student Support and Discipline/Chapter 19
A.     Counseling & Academic Inquiries
B.     Chapter 19
VP Greg Nakasone
C.     Field Trips/Incentive Nights
               VP Errol Hahn

III.  Upcoming Events
A.     Facilities/Emergency Drills/School Community Council
VP Jacob Kardash
B.     PTSO Fundraising
VP Joel Shiroma
C.     School Community Council
                           VP Kardash

IV. Question and Answer Session

Helpful Staff:
How to contact:
Email:  first_name_last or
Phone: 627-9000

Elynne Chung – Principal
Greg Nakasone – Vice Principal
Jacob Kardash – Vice Principal
Joel Shiroma – Vice Principal
Jeff Horstman – Vice Principal
Errol Hahn – Vice Principal

Dawn Shimabukuro, Registrar

Counseling Department:
Daniel Tanioka – Green Track Counselor
Lois Lozano     – Red Track Counselor
Kellie Fujimoto – Blue Track Counselor
Clarisse Mau   – Yellow Track Counselor

Student Activities Coordinator:
Kory Aoki, Student Activities Coordinator (SAC)

Curriculum Coach:
Kristen Kato – Math/ Algebra I/ Science
Lynn Yoshioka – ELA/ Social Studies

Student Support:
Russ Onizuka – Student Services Coordinator (SSC)
Hannah Chapman – Special Education Department Head/SSC
Zachary Wood – English Language Learner (ELL) Coordinator

Note:  Our first priority for the school day is the safety and academic learning of our students.  E-mail works best when contacting teachers, counselors, or staff.  A reply will be sent to you.  Should you call, we will make every effort to speak with you…or return your call within 48 hours. 

by Unknown ( at August 02, 2019 03:54 AM

High Interest Program (HIP) and Electives Night Set for 8/14

The MMS School Community Council invites families to attend their annual High Interest Program and Electives Night on Wednesday, August 14 from 6:30 p.m to 7:30 p.m. in the cafeteria.  HIP advisors and elective teachers will showcase their respective programs.  Come learn about the various extended learning opportunities available to all MMS students!

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2019 Gifted and Talented Screening, 10/9

Gifted and Talented screening will take place on Wednesday, October 9 from 8:20 a.m. to 9:50 a.m. in the cafeteria.  Applications will be made available on August 5 in the office.  Return completed applications to the student's respective track counselor no later than September 16.

Blue Track Counselor - Ms. Kellie Fujimoto
Green Track Counselor - Mr. Daniel Tanioka
Red Track Counselor - Mrs. Lois Lozano
Yellow Track Counselor - Mrs. Carisse Mau

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July 31, 2019

Kahala Elementary School

Open House

Please mark your calendars and plan to join us to learn more about our school, our staff, and our programs. Open House will be held on Thursday, August 15 at 5:30 PM. Fliers will go home soon with more information.

July 31, 2019 10:00 PM

Welcome Back!

School begins on Tuesday, August 6. Our teachers have spent many hours getting their classrooms ready to receive our students, and we hope our keiki are excited to come back, too! A new school year means new experiences, new friends, and new opportunities to grow!

July 31, 2019 09:56 PM

July 27, 2019

Island Pacific Academy

New Parents Welcomed to the IPA Family

ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY welcomed 150 new parents to the IPA ‘ohana at the 2019 New Parent Reception on July 26. This annual event held annually before the start of the new school year is a wonderful way for new families to ask questions, meet some of the faculty and staff, and socialize with other new parents.

“Every summer, just before the start of the new school year, our staff and community extend a warm welcome and aloha to the new families joining the IPA community,” said Eileen Novak, Director of Admission, whose department hosted the reception. “We want all our parents to know that we are all very happy and excited to have them as part of the Navigator ʻohana.”

The reception started with introductory remarks from some of the school administrators, including Gerald Teramae (Head of School), Steve Ross (Elementary Principal), and Michelle Bradley (Interim Secondary Principal).

“All of our new parents are invited to this special reception just for them. Having a community with strong parent involvement is an important part of the success of our school and we want our new parents to feel welcomed and let them know how important they are to IPA,” said Gerald Teramae, Head of School.

Also on hand were officers and directors from the IPA Parent Association (IPAPA). Parent involvement and support is so important for the activities and events IPAPA puts on throughout the year, and ensuring parents feel comfortable and included from the start is important to IPAPA.

“I want to be one of the first to congratulate you as parents and family members of students coming into IPA. You are all now our newest official members of IPAPA,” IPAPA Vice President Beata Triplett told the new parents. “We encourage you all to get to know us, because we would love to get to know you!”

IPAPA Grade 11-12 director, Paul Chapman, was pleased to see so many new parents take the time to come to the reception. “I missed the reception when my children started school, but being part of the IPA family for the past 12 years, it’s neat to see the excitement on the new parents’ faces as they’re coming into our incredible school.”

Following the program, parents socialized on the lānai and enjoyed heavy pupu and drinks. Desserts were provided by the Student 2 Student Project, conceived of and run by an IPA student as a way to pay it forward by providing financial assistance for students who would otherwise be unable to to participate in class trips, camps, and athletics.

We warmly welcome all of our new families joining the IPA community for the 2019-2020 school year!

Room full of parents sitting listening to opening remarks

Eileen Novak, Director of Admission, welcomes everyone at the start of the New Parent Reception.


Three people standing and talking

IPAPA grade-level director, Sandy Hulser, talks with new IPA parents.


Group of people standing in a circle talking.

Gerald Teramae, Head of School, talks with a group of new parents.


Two couples smiling and talking

New parents get to know each other at the New Parent Reception.


Group of two couples standing in a circle laughing

New parents enjoyed getting to meet each other at the New Parent Reception.


Two couples standing and laughing

New friends were made at the New Parent Reception.


Group of people standing in a circle talking

Mr. Steve Ross, Elementary Principal, talks to a group of new parents.


Table with desserts laid out

Delicious desserts were provided by the Student 2 Student Project.


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July 22, 2019

Island Pacific Academy

Navigator Robotics are Tournament Champions at 2019 VEX VRC Mark Leon Invitational

On July 17-18, 2019, ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY’s Navigator Robotics, team #4442X, had tremendous success at the 2019 VEX VRC Signature Event, the Mark Leon Invitational.  This was the first World Championships qualifying tournament of the season. The qualifier, called the Excellence Award, is given to the team that places at the top of multiple criteria. Besides on-field performance and skills performance, the Excellence criteria includes documentation quality, sportsmanship, and face-to-face interviews.

The Navigator Robotics team was considered a contender for the Excellence Award, but it ended up going to another school. In the end, the Navigators won the Tournament Championship and 2nd Place in the Skills Challenge.

IPA Navigator Robotics team members and coach pose with tournament awards and robots

IPA Navigator Robotics team members David Pavlicek ’20 & Nathan Okimoto ’22 with coaches Jeff Sumitani and Robyn Cabuslay (Not pictured, Zaheer Gulko ’22).

The competitive field of 25 teams was comprised of six teams from China, seven US teams from California, Texas, Minnesota and Connecticut and 12 teams from the Aloha State.

The Navigators started off the first day of qualification matches with three straight losses. Despite the slow start, they were able to get into the win column, eventually going undefeated for the rest of the tournament. IPA had the toughest strength of schedule, facing five of the top six ranked teams throughout the qualification rounds. To put it into perspective, the top six teams only averaged two matches facing the top six. IPA’s record of 7-3 was good enough to get them ranked #8 in regulation.

The alliance selection process to determine the playoffs resulted in the same outcome as the prior tournament just a month ago. Powerhouse Pearl City High School, team #4142B, selected IPA to be their alliance partner. In their quarterfinal match, this #1 ranked alliance was able to surpass teams #843H (from Minnesota) and #4109A (808 Robotics) 26 to 18. Their semi-final match was against a familiar opponent, team #42700D (The Crusaders) and team #3303D (California). IPA and Pearl City were able to move on with a score of 46 to 21. The last match against teams #25461Z (Texas) and #21000C (California) proved to be an exciting finals. The scoring went back and forth as IPA fended off both teams while controlling the towers, thereby allowing Pearl City to score three tall stacks. The final score of 64 to 48 was the highest combined match score of the tournament.

ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY was well represented at the Mark Leon Invitational, with IPA alumni and former students participating.

  • Jonah Bobilin ( ’17): Head judge
  • Colton Okimoto (’18): Referee
  • Joshua Kuakini (Team #42700D): Qualified 6th and tournament semifinalist, Skills challenge 4th place
  • Ryan Corpuz (Team #42700D) Tournament volunteer, assisted IPA prior to transferring schools


Navigator Robotics #4442X is coached and mentored by Jeff Sumitani, Robyn Cabuslay, and Kyle Okimoto.  Navigator Robotics will be preparing for their next tournament – the East Oahu Vex Robotics Competition at Sacred Hearts Academy on August 17, 2019.

Mahalo for your continued support of the Navigator Robotics Team.

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Mililani Middle School

Community Announcement: Mililani Public Library Graphic Novel Talk Story Sessions

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July 19, 2019

Kahuku High and Intermediate School

Parent Letter - Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) Chapter 19, Student Misconduct, Discipline, School Searches and Seizures, Reporting Offenses, Police Interviews and Arrests, and Restitution for Vandalism

For more info, please click on this link:

July 19, 2019 07:12 PM